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Everyone keeps telling me that I’m sensitive and such a baby.
Well I mean I don’t give a damn what you think but if i feel ugly or fat or a particular part of my body that i hate is what you pointed out hell yeah I’ll get angry.

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I really wish people tried to understand mental health conditions instead of making them a taboo. Like some people instantly dismiss you as a person just because you can’t do something because the thought of it makes you beyond anxious or that doing anything feels like hell let alone smiling. They don’t understand that its hard to get out of bed and that you have to convince yourself it will be okay. Or to eat that meal without a second thought.

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i rlly am on We Heart It.

I don’t need alcohol to make bad decisions

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We need at least one friend who understands what we do not say.
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pain make your way to me to me and ill always be just so inviting if i ever start to think start this heart will start a riot in me


"Ima need ur license and registration……and ur kik"

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